Mission Statement

Our office exists to serve the people we have dedicated ourselves to:  families and applicants. Our goal is to create and maintain an environment of honesty and professionalism where our clients will feel comfortable, cared for and welcome. Each person will be aware of the quality of care rendered and of the sincerity in which the staff delivers the care. We pledge to be positive, supportive team members and to create a place in which we can enjoy while encouraging and supporting personal and professional growth.

Statement of Philosophy

Only the very best people will do. These are people who are excited about what they are doing; are motivated to achieve results; have the highest standards of integrity and quality; are interested in being long-term contributors and who will relate with staff members in a professional, caring demeanor. We believe an individuals’ responsibility always exceeds a specific job assignment.

Market Profile

We will market ourselves to attract applicants and clients who appreciate quality household help. We recognize, while utilizing our services and our guidance, the clients are ultimately responsible for their own decisions regarding their household help.

Profitable Growth

Profitable growth is the key to maintaining a position of high recognition and success, thus insuring we will be available for many years. We shall maintain a productive and profitable practice and be well-compensated for the quality services we provide.

Continuing Education
and Personal Development

The needs of our clients and applicants are ever changing. We strive to maintain a commitment to improving our technical and interpersonal skills; so as to provide high-quality, contemporary services in a pleasant and caring environment. Preparing for the future requires a commitment to the action now. Nannies & Housekeepers conducts a STEPS TO EXCELLENCE workshop once a month where industry leaders and guest speakers share their knowledge and expertise with our on-call staff. It’s all about serving and learning.


Our staff will provide support, feedback and leadership to promote growth and long-term commitment from each employee. Our standards are set high so that our employees will strive for new levels of expertise and each of us will create and foster an environment where our staff enjoys coming to work and clients and applicants enjoy their appointments.

APNA Agency of the Year