In-Room Pet Sitting

How To Book A Pet Sitter

There is a 4-hour minimum requirement for all in-room pet sitting services.

  • Nannies & Housekeepers requests a minimum notice of 4 hours for booking a pet sitter. However, exceptions will be made based on petsitter availability. We are eager to serve you and are usually able to fill last minute requests.
  • There is a 4-hour cancellation policy. If a family does not cancel at least 4 hours in advance, they will be billed for the full 4 hours ($100).
  • Nannies & Housekeepers charges a flat rate of $25.00 per hour.
  • All major credit cards are accepted and a credit card number is required when reserving a pet sitter.
  • At this time, Nannies & Housekeepers only accepts credit cards for payment for all Hotel In-Room Pet Sitter Services.

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Las Vegas Hotel Pet Sitting

Information About Our Pet Sitters

  • All of our pet sitters must be at least 20 years old with a minimum of two years of experience with verifiable references.
  • Every pet sitter is meticulously screened (Social Security check, drug test, criminal check).
  • Pet sitters must successfully complete Nannies & Housekeepers training.
  • Our pet sitters are animal-lovers of all kinds and are experienced working with a variety of species and breeds of household pets.

General Information

  • After booking, a confirmation sheet and pet sitter resume will be faxed to the hotel for review. The resume includes a photo of the nanny and references.
  • Pet sitters are easily recognizable in their Nannies & Housekeepers polo shirts.
  • Many of our pet sitters are professional educators and many are bi-lingual workings as either nannies or housekeepers as well.
  • The pet sitter will have the client sign a release form authorizing her to seek medical attention in case of an emergency
  • The form provides a space to inidicate if it is okay for the pet sitter to take the pet(s) out of the hotel room and/or off the hotel property.
  • Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s are subject to change.

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