Las Vegas Corporations offer their employees ACCESS to In Home Childcare & Housekeepers

As a business owner, you may recognize these scenarios:  An employee is unable to come to work because a child is mildly ill, or when regular childcare is not available, when school is out, when their nanny quits, or when a stay-at-home spouse is unable to care for the children. It can be costly in many ways to lose that valuable employee time.Increasingly, companies recognize that offering backup childcare is a win-win proposition. Studies have shown that backup childcare positively impacts recruitment and retention, builds employee commitment and improves overall productivity. Not to mention, it reduces employee stress and gives them the peace of mind to focus on their work. Providing backup childcare makes good business sense with tangible and measurable benefits.

For over a decade, Nannies & Housekeepers has been responding to the needs of working parents in their efforts to sustain harmony at work and home. With one phone call, an employee has access to a pool of in-home child caregivers who will come to the employee’s home on short notice on weekdays, evenings and weekends. The benefit covers sick children and has no set hours.

Corporate-sponsored backup childcare is a benefit that is becoming a business imperative with the most forward-thinking companies.

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    Please let us know the dates and hours you would like the children's program to run. Most of our clients match the children's program hours to meeting hours with a 30 minute allowance for drop-off and pick-up. You may also want the children's program to be open during evening functions and banquets that are for adults only.

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  • * Our programs are based on a minimum of 12 children participating at any one time. If you are not sure how many children will be in your program, we will start with 12 as a default.

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Thank you for considering Nannies & Housekeepers USA to help you with your  Corporate Back Up Care needs on call as needed.  Working with Nannies & Housekeepers is as easy as 1, 2, 3!   Please make sure you complete ALL 3 steps – including either emailing or  faxing back our Engagement  Service Agreement for us to begin.

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