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Client Testimonials

“Shelae H. was our sitter and she really went the extra mile to make my daughter feel comfortable. My daughter does not like missing out on the fun and being with sitters and we have not even found a sitter in our home area that we liked as much as Shelae! She arrived early and waited on the landing area near the elevators then knocked on our hotel room door exactly on time, went over the important details (bedtime, allergies, my rules, etc.) She brought several games and toys for my daughter to play with and did not seem rushed to put my daughter to bed since I said she could stay up late while on vacation.

When I arrived at the end of the evening Shelae told me briefly that things went well but also included a detailed thank you note with all the details of what they did that evening…Highly pleased with the service and would use them again!!!”
-Shante Y., Pasadena, CA (Aria Hotel Guest)

“So I thought, this is Vegas, there has to be a boat load of babysitting services for all the adults who want some fun time away from the kiddies…signed up through the internet and was getting a call within the hour from Amy H. She was very nice and helpful and found us a prefect sitter for our 3 month old. Christina P. was early and very nice. She had a really good resume and a fun personality. We left feeling no worries. Almost every 30-45 minutes, she texted us with an update which comforted my wife.”

“When we got home our little one was fast asleep in her arms. It was well worth the money for the sitter and to have confidence in the person watching our child. Thank you to Amy and to Christina for your awesome service and professionalism!”
-Steven K., San Leandro, CA (Timeshare Guest)

“I was in town for vacation and rented a house in Summerlin. I hired a temp housekeeper for the month and was very happy! The staff was VERY helpful and booked me a great housekeeper. She was sweet, punctual and did a great job cleaning with the minimal supplies we were given at the rental house 🙂 I would highly recommend them for any domestic needs.”
-Erin K., Northbrook, IL (Home Rental Guest)

“Just wanted to let you know that Cassandra was a great babysitter! She came to watch Evelyn in the evening, and we had thought that after introducing the baby to Cassandra we would put the baby to bed ourselves since that can be kind of a delicate time. But after speaking with Cassandra for 10 minutes or so I felt completely confident in her ability to look after Evelyn and even put her to bed without us. Cassandra even left a lovely note for us about her evening with our daughter, and a toy from her nanny bag that Evelyn loved so much that she went to bed with it. My husband and I had a great night out. Thank you for you excellent service.”
– Cara B., Boston, MA (Bellagio Hotel Guest)

“I just wanted to thank you so much for arranging Nanny Nadja for the care of my two grandchildren. She arrived promptly each day October 15 through October 19 and was absolutely the best! Her professionalism and expertise were evident. She managed to keep a second baby for the wedding ceremony and then get Brooks up to the wedding site right after the ceremony for the family pictures! We were all so impressed with her care. Her verbal reports and documentation were very thorough. Thank you again for the Red Carpet Agreement opportunity. If you ever need additional references, please do not hesitate to call on us.”
– Patricia H., New York, NY (MGM Signature Guest)

“Wanted to say thank you! Angie was amazing – we were very happy with her. Please let her know we would love to see her next time we need a nanny!”                                     – Melody H., Las Vegas, NV (UROC Member)

“Las Vegas Nannies are awesome. We used their services at the Palazzo when during our corporate offsite meetings. They arrived early, stayed late, had educational materials and games and the kids absolutely adored them. We would highly recommend Las Vegas Nannies to anyone needing a sitter and will certainly be using them in the future for all our Las Vegas babysitting needs!”
-Armored Wolf, LLC

“On Saturday night, we had Ashlee watch our two daughters and we couldn’t have been more impressed. This was our first experience using Nannies and Housekeepers and my husband and I are very happy with your service. The girls really enjoyed all the activities Ashlee did with them and she documented every hour what she did with the girls, which I really appreciated. We are looking forward to having her back again soon to babysit the girls. Ashlee was great!“

“We just wanted to thank you for sending Dawn to care for our children. We have traveled extensively and used similar services but we have never had a caretaker like Dawn before. She played games, read books, engaged the children on their level, and followed our instructions perfectly. My children had a wonderful experience and I would like her to know that we appreciate it. I will definitely use your service again wherever it is available.”
-Frank M.

“A huge ‘thank you,’ and specifically to Erin, who entertained our daughter at MGM. Our daughter is 12 years old, so we specifically requested a nanny/companion who could take her out of the hotel, and give her a great time. Erin was perfect! We could not have had a better match with our expectations. Sophie had a great time, and we wanted to thank Erin again for being such great fun. As parents, we were very impressed with Erin’s professionalism.”
– Mark G. Family (MGM Hotel Guest)

“Thank you for sending Janis to us. She was so full of energy and smiles and my kids took to her immediately. Her bag of Goodies was a huge hit since my kids love to do crafts. We look forward to having her back next Tuesday and perhaps for other on-call events in the future. Thanks again – Your nannies are the best!”

“Nannies & Housekeepers did an exceptional job for the 7-Eleven National Coalition children’s event. Your staff was professional, courteous, and timely. Our 75 children were kept busy and safe for over five hours. As a meeting planner for the 7-Eleven National Coalition, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Nannies & Housekeepers to safe guard a group of children. Everything went planned. Your service was perfect.”
-John E. Riggio, J R Planners Inc.

“I’ve called upon Nannies & Housekeepers USA on several occasions over the years and am always blessed with gracious guest service and impeccable and extremely professional childcare. I use a number of childcare agencies in the various regions my work takes me but I have yet to find one that delivers that extra special ‘treatment’ I receive from Nannies & Housekeepers USA. When in Vegas, Nannies & Housekeepers USA is your one-stop-shop, premiere childcare agency!”
-Thomas Pitchford, Principal/Event Planner for Pitch Perfect Events

“Nannies and Housekeepers USA came highly recommended to us by our Clients’ Strip Hotel location. We had extensive needs from assistance with youth excursions in town to in-room babysitting and care each evening. We received excellent service from Nannies and Housekeepers for our 50+ kids over a holiday weekend. Each of the Nannies came prepared with supplies and games for the kids. They were all on time, well prepared and knowledgeable about navigating the hotels, excursions and transportation of the kids. They were friendly and professional and we received fantastic feedback from each of the parents. For some parents, this was their first time leaving children with a babysitter, making it that much more important to have excellent service. The Nannies crew was a pleasure to work with and the lead Nanny, Dawn Schrader, made us feel comfortable and confident that we were in good hands. Thank you so much to the Nannies and Housekeepers team that supported AWG this weekend!
We will definitely be using Nannies and Housekeepers for our future convention and tour childcare needs!”
-Angela Lipko | Program Manager
AWG Destination Services, a DMC Network Company

“Thank you for your organizations outstanding work in assisting with our respite programs. Our families have been very pleased with your services. Not only have they been pleased with your services, but it makes their lives just a little bit easier and most importantly happier…”
-Jason Earl, Chairman of People’s Autism