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  • Dates and hours for the children's program:

    Please let us know the dates and hours you would like the children's program to run. Most of our clients match the children's program hours to meeting hours with a 30 minute allowance for drop-off and pick-up. You may also want the children's program to be open during evening functions and banquets that are for adults only.

  • DateStart TimeEnd Time# of children (at any one time)* 
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  • * Our programs are based on a minimum of 12 children participating at any one time. If you are not sure how many children will be in your program, we will start with 12 as a default.

  • If yes, please tell us the year, the city, and the numbers of children that attended. Please also let us know what went well and what didn't and any other relevant information. This will help us when preparing your proposal:
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