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No matter how old you are, your relationship with your father~ whether it was wonderful or painful has has an impact on the person you are today. Your memories of your father and your life with him will carry on with you forever! It can heal, comfort and restore you, as you raise your children. Each generation brings forth new wisdom and understanding!

I love my father and appreciate the things he has done for me. My dad is a very caring man. He has always been there for me as a support and role model. He was always willing to lend a hand, and help lighten any load. My dad is very gentle, rarely raises his voice, and is very good with people. He reaches out and makes people feel very accepted and comfortable.

My father has always been a provider of material things and finance. He has always been there and was always willing to participate in our activities as best he could. My father is in control of his life, family, etc. He is a strong, authoritative man- not easily taken advantage of. Organized, knows what he wants from life and therefore is decisive. I was fortunate enough to grow up in a loving and caring home. My brothers and I knew that strengths in our family and that dad was considered the figure of authority. My mother, a great cook I might add, provided love and guidance for my entire family and always reminded us to respect my father; the head of the family!

My father is now 86 years old and we speak on the phone every single day, we cherish these moments! I grew up the youngest of four children and the only girl, so needless to say I know I was loved and always have has a tremendous amount of confidence. My father gave me many words of wisdom and still continues to pour into my life as I teach my three boys and guide them on their journey.

My father comes from a time on life, born in 1919, where things were simple and to this very day he still lives with that being the priority. A simple life is the best life!

His words of wisdom still guide me today. I can’t count the number of times he said “if you are going to do something, then do it right or don’t do it at all!” or “You can’t change horses in the middle of the stream.” My father also has another saying that his mother taught him “if you can’t say something nice about someone, then don’t say anything at all!” I have never in my life heard my father day a negative word about anyone! I hope I do as will for my children as my parents did for me.

This father’s Day I encourage you to reflect on your father and perhaps take time to forgive our fathers if needed. Being a father in today’s world requires commitment. Someone once said, you need a license to drive, a license to fish, a license to hunt but anyone can become a father. Many men may have brought children into this world, but are they taking the time to invest in their families. Children spell love T I M E. A friend once gave me some great advice, he said remember to be kind, loving, and a good listener and most of all don’t ever say anything bad about your husband in front of your children, because in their eyes they are their father!

Fathers, I want to encourage you to take your place in the home, your children are watching you and like old folks song called Cat’s in the cradle… remember the lyrics …and as I hung up the phone it occurred to me they’ I’ve grown up just like me…my sons are just like me!

And as I trust you will take the time remember to call, hug and or love the memory of one of your greatest gifts your father. Happy Fathers Day!

With much gratitude,

-Lexy Capp

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