Steps to Excellence Workshops

//Steps to Excellence Workshops

Steps to Excellence Workshops

So excited for Steps to Excellence today (8/5/17).  Steps to Excellence is a our professional development devoted to tackling educational opportunities in the nanny field.  It is a time to learn, check in with one another, socialize and become the best nannies we can be!  Today we have a highly requested speaker to talk about Cultural Diversity and Awareness.  Thank you to all dedicated nannies; your commitment is appreciated by all the families you serve and us at N&H!

Guest speaker: Amanda Haboush – Professor at UNLV and Former N&H on-call Nanny!

Amanda Haboush-Deloye earned her Ph.D. in experimental psychology and her Master of Arts in clinical psychology from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Amanda’s research background is on mental health in adolescent, adult, and older adult populations. She also has a particular interest in improving research methods to be more culturally competent. As a researcher at NICRP, she has designed and implemented many research projects regarding children’s physical health, mental health, and education, as well as children’s advocacy initiatives such as Every Child Matters in Nevada and Prevent Child Abuse Nevada. Being a Las Vegas native, Amanda aims to remain in Nevada and work with NICRP to create a healthy community where families and children are a priority.

Amanda’s Expertise: I have a very broad area of research on children and families that includes mental and physical health, child welfare, juvenile justice, and early childhood education. Results from these studies are provided to local and federal policy makers to help them make evidence based decisions that will enhance quality of life for children and families in Nevada.

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