Why use a local agency?

//Why use a local agency?

Why use a local agency?

The times they are a-changing.  The way people approach almost everything, from grocery shopping to communication with loved ones has changed drastically in the past decades. The way our parents and our parent’s parents did things may no longer be relevant in this fast-paced and technologically-centric world.  However, family needs remain the same.  If you have kids, you will need childcare, maybe not every day, but at some point.  The avenues to fill this need have grown, but some are overgrown with seeds of doubt and full-grown weeds of worry that leave parents feeling unsettled.  I am here to tell you, working with a brick and mortar agency, especially a local one, will alleviate some stress.

Las Vegas’s most established domestic staffing agency is Nannies & Housekeepers USA.  N&H has been providing support for travelling families and locals for 17 years.  We know this game and have created a well-oiled machine to support all the vast and varying needs of Las Vegas travelers and residents.  Trusting a local agency with your childcare needs, makes sense.  You are here, shouldn’t the agency be as well?  Additionally, Nannies & Housekeepers is an APNA agency.  Why is that important?  The Association of Premier Nanny Agencies (APNA) was designed to set forth guidelines and rules for agencies throughout the USA to adhere to, including background check regulations, obligation to support of both sides of a placement (family and candidate) and an overarching commitment to excellence that is evaluated before joining the organization.  N&H is the only APNA agency in Las Vegas, and one of two in the whole state of Nevada!

Nannies & Housekeepers USA has a meticulous screening process for all candidates to undergo ensuring they are the best representation of what we have to offer.  Our nannies are all at least 20 years old, have at least 2 years of in home experience and many of them are in the teaching field –either studying to be a teacher, currently working as a teacher or retired from teaching.  We employ dedicated professionals whose commitment to childcare goes above and beyond.  We know this because they all interview in house with us, the nanny agents!  In addition to all the face to face pre-employment screening, all candidates are drug tested, CPR trained and certified and processed through a comprehensive background check.  But that doesn’t speak to how they perform as nannies, so we call and verify references of families they have worked with in the past and offer professional development throughout the year.  Nannies & Housekeepers’ nanny agents know each and every nanny by name and assign them based upon knowledge of their skill set and the family’s requirements.  We strive to align the needs of our families with the strengths of the nannies.  It is the human touch that can never be replaced.  It is the kindness and the caring of our nannies coupled with the dedication and the knowledge of our nanny agents that allow families to relax knowing their children are receiving the best care.

If nanny care is not what you are in the market for have no fear, our placement counselors also work nationwide (and locally) placing all  domestic professionals positions.  Rest assured, whether you need a personal chef, an estate manager or a nanny, all candidates have successful passed our rigorous screening process.  We work with the best for the best, no exception.  Technology has replaced many things in our lives, but it can never replace the human component.  We appreciate your continued support and trust in N&H and look forward to providing the care you have come to expect!

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