Nannies & Housekeepers

My Nanny
written by Lexy Lionel on September 20, 2012
dedicated to our devoted nannies 

My Nanny

My nanny loves me 

I know this is true

said a little girl proudly …. perhaps that nanny is YOU!

Children need love, security and care.

The moment they see you, they are fully aware

The love that you shower is important to give

So lead by example – they watch how you LIVE

To be a nanny is to care, respect and be kind

A nanny is never far from a “little” one’s mind

The love that you give will always come back

Be an example… You are being watched by the children

so don’t ever slack!

Don’t worry or rush!

Take you time through the day

The children need your love – so enjoy

sing, relax and PLAY!

Nannies & Housekeepers is careful to select

Simply the BEST NANNIES that are worthy of respect!

We honor our nannies and we are grateful for all you prepare

Knowing the children are given extra great care!

Bring games, books and puzzles

Enjoy the time you are there

Each moment is precious… be fully aware!