5 Steps to Help your Family Prepare for Back to School

//5 Steps to Help your Family Prepare for Back to School

5 Steps to Help your Family Prepare for Back to School

It’s already time to prepare for Back to School!

 5 Steps to Help your Family Prepare for Back to School


1) Start going to bed earlier and talking about the morning routine so your children can mentally prepare for the routine.

Children need boundaries and they want boundaries!  Daily routine is very important and it helps when families communicate about what is going to happen so their children can prepare “what is going to happen next”  – Routine is important at every age!

2) Have a Bulletin Board to Post Activities

Families who have one central location for the parents, the children and the nanny to know about home work, after school activities and schedule of events is important!

3) Include your Nanny or Manny in the Back to School Events

Many schools have a back to school orientation.  It’s important that your nanny/ childcare provider be as involved as possible especially if both mom and dad work full time and the nanny or manny will be participating with your child in many school activities.  Include your nanny/ manny as they will be helping make sure your child gets all their homework complete etc…. Little things make a BIG difference!  Make sure your childcare provider is introduced to the bus driver, the school teachers and any other important people on campus.

4) Plan a healthy breakfast to start each day!

Studies have proven time and time again that children who start their day with a healthy breakfast including some protein will do better at school.  Plan ahead to have breakfast menus that are simple and easy so you will not skip this important way to begin the day!

5) Encourage your children

Give plenty of vitamin P for Praise!  Encourage your children to apply themselves and to set high goals in all areas  including academics, sports, music and relationships.  

It’s important to lead your children with a calm yet firm approach.  Education is something that can never be taken away from a person!  Parents who participate in the process daily are fortunate to see results years later.  At the end of each day, discuss the activities with your children.  Many families plan to have a conversation during their evening meal.  Ask your children about their day….. one idea is to talk about their Rose & Thorn.  Rose is sharing the BEST thing that happened that day and the Thorn is the worst thing that happened that day.  Communication is the key to success in all relationships.


Listen to your children – Sing to your children – Read to your children


By Lexy Capp

Owner and Founder of Nannies & Housekeepers USA


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