30 Days of Graditude

//30 Days of Graditude

30 Days of Graditude

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and if you are anything like us, the time flies when it starts to get near the holidays.  Just a slight chill in the air and POOF, its Christmas time.  Trying to find time to fit in all the gatherings, holiday pictures, family functions, work events, eating, shopping, scheduling, shopping, shipping, new recipes and then all the regular stuff ,,,, WHOA!!.  It can be overwhelming and sometimes we stop remembering to breathe, let alone give thanks. For November, our goal is to stop and be thankful and grateful for at least one thing, feeling, or event a day.  To experience gratitude for the big things and the little things.  Practice makes perfect and by the end of the month gratitude should be automatic, right?

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